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A decrepit, abandoned mansion, full of forgotten memories and aspirations, is a good a shelter as a recently fallen angel can hope to find. No humans to frighten, enough space to explore (and in so many ways), and no need to pay for the luxury of living within its walls. Too bad the angel isn't the only supernatural being to lay claim to the mansion...

A curse has been laid upon this place, and a promise has gone unkept. And so for the better part of a century, a ghostly painter and his demon thrall have bickered and fought over their shared predicaments. Naturally, they both see the angel as their way out...but who will the angel help?



A fallen angel. Unhappy with the status quo in Heaven, he questions why things are the way they are. In response, he is dropped into the human world to fend for himself. Although in his new human body, he still retains some angelic features and searches for a place to hide until he has a better grasp of this strange, new world.


A demon from Hell. He was summoned by Phelan, and against his better judgment, chose to help him. Now trapped in the mansion, Zhi Hao whiles away the years by reflecting on that one mistake. He views his entrapment as punishment for his carelessness. He is meticulous and very patient, but when his patience wears thin, his temper flares.


Former heir to the mansion now turned ghost. Phelan's ardor for art led to his initial involvement with Zhi Hao and eventual entrapment in one of his own pieces. To mitigate solitude in his passion project and prison, he paints within the painting, even if his creations never last. He is passionate and social, and yearns for attention.


WRITINGKendall, Alisia Faust
ARTAuro-Cyanide, Shuta


Drawn Onward Test